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AveryB is best known for his high-production dating challenges, as well as his DailyAvery vlog with a fiercely loyal fanbase. He is a true entrepreneur and plans on using this capital to increase production, optimize his channels, and expand to short-form content.

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April 30, 2023

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48M annual views

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With over 94M views between his channels, Avery is already among the YouTube elite, but if you ask him, he’s just getting started.

In just over two years, Avery has increased his viewership 6x, in large part to his insane dedication and work ethic. We want to get him the funding and resources he needs to level-up and continue his explosive growth.

Avery is truly a machine. Many of his peers envy his success, but few have what it takes to get there. Despite years of seemingly marginal progress, Avery continued to hustle every day to achieve his dreams. His vlog channel, DailyAvery, features content about his everyday life and now has over 185K loyal subscribers. Meanwhile, his comedy and entertainment channel, AveryB, has exploded to over 605K subscribers.

This funding will allow Avery to produce more high-quality videos, and expand his content into YouTube shorts. Avery won’t stop until he’s on top of the YouTube charts — and he probably won’t stop then either.

Hard work and consistency is the only cheat code for success.

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