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Brickverse's impressive LEGO stop-motion videos on YouTube have amassed almost 100M views in just over a year. With more funding, these talented creators plan to take their productions to new heights. Get ready to be blown away by their next-level creations!

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Created by David Trejo (writing/show running) and Fin Flynn (animation), Brickverse made its YouTube debut in January 2022. The channel quickly gained traction with their first video: a shot-for-shot parody of a popular Mr. Beast video, recreated entirely with Legos. The warm reception, including praise, from prominent YouTuber TommyInnit, set the stage for the channel's success.

Since then, Brickverse has continued to rapidly gain fame and followers for its imaginative fictional sagas starring Lego versions of YouTube stars like MrBeast, Dream, TommyInnit, Airrack, Logan Paul, and more.

The series' captivating narratives, coupled with the talents of various assistant animators and voice actors (including TommyInnit himself), have contributed to the lasting appeal and evergreen nature of Brickverse's content. Long after publishing, their long-form videos continue to generate a top-percentile level of view growth.

Behind-the-scenes insights are also shared through YouTube Shorts, offering fans a glimpse into the design of minifigures, prop construction, and the creative thought process behind these sensational LEGO stop-motion videos. David and Fin have even bigger plans for the channel in 2023 and beyond, so fans and investors can look forward to more remarkable stories in the Brickverse universe.

After 13 years on the platform, I got into a place where I felt like I could leverage my knowledge of YouTube to actually tell stories that feel like a real TV show.
David Trejo, Co-Founder of Brickverse

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