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Cadaber is a faceless YouTuber creating high-quality documentaries about unsolved mysteries and bizarre internet tales. Over the past 3 years, he's built a rapidly growing audience of die-hard fans, but wants to level-up his growth by hiring a writer and editor.

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April 30, 2023

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11M annual views

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The self-proclaimed “Internet Spooky Boi” is on a roll.

In just 3 short years, Cadaber has accumulated over 270K subscribers and 17M views completely by himself. Imagine what he can accomplish in another 3 years with our support.

Cadaber has helped to pioneer a rapidly-growing niche on YouTube, as more and more people discover that they can get high-quality, spooky thrills on the platform. His track record of growth shows the ability of his storytelling to unite a tight-knit community of mystery and horror lovers, but Cadaber won’t stop until he’s the top YouTube producer in his genre and beyond.

Cadaber’s immediate goal is to double down on his channel’s growth by proactively expanding his current operations. Finding reliable writers and editors is the first thing on his agenda to help him create more high-quality content. We’re also helping Cadaber to optimize and edit his content into vertical shorts, which can rapidly increase the number of eyeballs on his content. He’s excited to cultivate an army of new supporters to share his success and love for goosebumps.

Without my community my channel would have faded into internet obscurity. These people whom most I’ll never meet mean more to me than I can honestly explain.

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