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Jay Palfrey

Jay is a world-renowned travel creator on a mission to change people's preconceptions of other countries, cultures, and religions. With additional funding, he’ll be able to take on more ambitious journeys and spread his inspiring videos to an even wider audience.

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About the creator

Three years ago, at his home in the South West of England, a depressed and discouraged Jay Palfrey began his YouTube journey with almost no knowledge of filmmaking.

Fast-forward to 2023 to where Jay has accumulated an adoring global fan base of nearly 1.5 million subscribers with 55 million views on the videos of his incredible journeys all around the world.

Jay often travels to Muslim countries like Pakistan and Iraq – places that are less traveled and understood by Westerners. On his adventures, Jay immerses himself in local cultures and reveals to his audience beautiful peoples and cultures that often go unseen, unappreciated, and even feared.

His videos are so powerful and touching that they often bring viewers to tears: “I cried so much that I had to pause your video. To see my beautiful country through your eyes was just so overwhelming and emotional… Thank you so much, for making me, and millions of other people, see what my country truly is through your eyes. Thank you for taking this responsibility and telling the world that we, too, are human beings.” - @zoha – in the comments of one of his YouTube videos.

In addition to inspiring and educating people, Jay has also used his influence to raise around $60,000 for earthquake victims in Turkey, a country he grew to love deeply on his travels.

But at only 26, Jay is just getting started. He has even more ambitious journeys and goals he wants to achieve. With financial backing and expertise, we are going to help Jay on his mission to spread his message of love and acceptance around the world.

Being able to tell travel stories is and will be the most important thing in my life.
Jay Palfrey

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