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A true YouTube OG, Kavos’ blunt and engaging commentary on YouTube news and drama has earned him over 1.26 million engaged subscribers. With support and funding, Kavos aims to take his content to the next level, expanding his legacy as one of the most captivating, polarizing commentators on the platform.

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May 19, 2023
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Pierce Kavanagh, more famously known as Kavos, has rapidly emerged as a powerhouse on the YouTube scene, offering bold and polarizing commentaries on YouTubers and celebrities such as Jake Paul, Tanner Fox, and Ellen Degeneres.

Kavos skillfully amassed a following of 1.26 million subscribers, consistently demonstrating his keen understanding of the platform and an uncanny ability to draw attention and engagement. In a testament to his viral potential, Kavos managed to gain over 10 million views on a single video and gained a staggering 75,000 subscribers in a single day.

Kavos meticulously researches each video he produces, often investing days in gathering factual information and evidence to substantiate the statements in his investigations and exposés. His fearless style often results in feuds with other personalities, like YouTube superstar KSI.

Kavos's unique approach to commentary, characterized by his sharp wit, unapologetic honesty, and in-depth analysis, sets him apart from other creators in the space. Love him or hate him, Kavos is an entertainer that keeps viewers coming back for more, eagerly awaiting his unique take on YouTube news and drama.

With additional capital, Kavos will be able to expand his writing, research, and production capabilities, further increasing the output and scope of his channel.

I love what I do. I'm going to keep doing it for as long as I can.

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