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YourBudTevin, known for hilarious drinking games with anime and gaming themes, has garnered 30M views in 3 years. Tevin's goal is to spread laughter and aims to expand content, rent a studio for ambitious productions, and more with additional capital.

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Before starting his YouTube career, Tevin was a professional gamer, so naturally gaming videos were his first foray on the platform. His breakthrough came in 2020, when he began creating content around the video game Persona 5, with one video gaining nearly a million views.
Fast forward three short years, and Tevin has managed to put together a die-hard army of fans and over 30 million cumulative views on his channel.

Tevin's content primarily revolves around recorded streams of anime, movies, or gaming sessions, while playing drinking games and providing increasingly unhinged commentary. By letting his fans participate in every aspect of his content, he has also managed to build an extremely loyal following of over 300K subscribers.

With an increase in annual views by 36% and revenue by 57% YoY, the future of the channel looks bright. And with additional funding, Tevin plans on renting a new studio to execute high-production content beyond his standard drinking games. He's also planning collaborations with other famous comey creators like Jarvis Johnson and CalebCity, further broadening his audience reach.

I want to be the best content creator in the world. Point blank. Period.

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