Why invest in creators

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Imagine being part of an economy that's expanding at breakneck speed

Currently estimated at over $100 billion and predicted to reach near half-a-trillion dollars by 2027, according to Goldman Sachs analysts. Welcome to the dynamic world of the creator economy, an industry stimulated by digital progression, widespread internet access, and a global thirst for online content.

Technology has democratized content creation

As we witness more individuals seeking digital platforms for information, entertainment, and education, investment in this area promises lucrative returns, driven by the steady yields from a content creator's portfolio.

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The compounding power
of YouTube Channels

Every piece of content a creator produces is akin to a unique revenue-generating asset

Every monetised piece of content will consistently pull in views and generate revenue, thereby adding to the creator's growing subscriber base. The creation of new content not only sustains viewer engagement but also bolsters views and revenue on older videos, compounding returns.

The Rise
of Creators

The appeal of creators extends beyond their content

Due to their audience's independent consumption patterns, they're insulated from many market fluctuations. For example, during the 2020 pandemic, global digital consumption on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch grew by over 30%, forming long-lasting consumer habits.

The Creator

The rules of the game are different in the digital realm

In 2020, TV advertising spend dipped by an estimated $34 billion while social video and brand integrations thrived. As consumers' preferences evolve rapidly, traditional media's high ad costs and long production times are losing ground to the fast-paced, adaptable content of social media.

Non-Traditional Inflation Hedge

As inflation rises, so does the nominal income of digital content creators. The diverse geographical and currency mix of the creators' global audience serves as a shield against localized inflation spikes.


Successful creators often catch the zeitgeist, gaining millions of views. They have an aptitude for spotting trends and the skill to spark viral interest - making them key components of brand strategies.

Shape the Future of the Internet

There is a paradigm shift in how creators are viewed, one in three children in America aspire to be a YouTuber. Top-tier creators like Airrack, Logan Paul, and Emma Chamberlain have achieved incredible success and wealth within 7 years. Much like websites to the dot-com era, content creators are the future of the internet.

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